Our Mission

“Be better today than you were yesterday.  Have fun with what you’re doing! 
 Provide great service to your customers and focus on their satisfaction.”

Who we are

TECH ON DECK, LLC is owned by Norman Merckx III. Norman has over 15 years’ experience in the Information Technology industry. His passion for customer satisfaction runs through every job or person he’s touched along the way. His goal is to help the people he serves receive the support they need, at a level they can understand.

Who we work with

TECH ON DECK, LLC is a service company for customers who are in need of Computer Services, Spyware/Virus Removal, Diagnostic and Troubleshooting, Photography, Web Design, Graphic Design, Audio Visual, and Training. We’ll evaluate your needs and create solutions to meet your requirements or budget. We work with individuals or groups, large or small events, small businesses, healthcare organizations, and academic or government facilities.

How we’re different

The testimonials we’ve received are from real customers who truly value our services. We know that in order to provide high quality service, you have to have high quality people. That’s what makes us different.